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Electric Full Body Patient Lift allow caregivers to transfer patients with ease, using specialized slings for toileting and bathing. These lifts are battery operated and can safely lift a person off the floor. Electric lifts are easy to operate and most are able to fit through doorways with ease. Full Body lifts can be used with patients with limited mobility or completely immobile. A variety of slings are available with head and neck support, commode opening and vehicle transfers.
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Bestcare -  PL400HE Electric Lift Lumex - LF1050 Electric Patient Lift Lumex - LF1090 Electric Patient Lift
Bestcare - BestLift PL350CT Car Transfer Mobile Floor Lift Bestcare - Bestlift PL400 Electric Lift Bestcare - Bestlift PL400EF Foldable
Bestcare - Bestlift PL500 Electric Lift Bestcare - Bestlift PL600 Electric Lift Bestcare - Bestlift PL182 Electric Lift
Bestcare - Bestlift PL228 Electric Lift Bestcare - Bestlift PL273 Electric Lift Lumex - LF500 Pro Electric Patient Lift
Proactive - Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift Proactive - Protekt 500 Electric Patient Lift Proactive - Protekt 600 Electric Patient Lift